Day 3 – 10 Daily Use English Word

Day 3 - 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 3 - 10 Daily Use English Words
Day 3 - 10 Daily Use English Words

1. Confident: Adjective

To believe oneself.


  • We should be confident then only we can get success.
  • If you are confident, you can do anything.

2. Worry: Verb

To get tension, to think about problems, to show fear about something/problems.


  • Don't worry, the problem will be solved.
  • She doesn't worry about her disease.
  • She didn't worry and was confident in the interview.

3. Concentrate: Verb

To focus on something.


  • Students must concentrate on their studies.
  • Don't play PUBG game, concentrate on your studies.

4. Hopeless: Adjective

Not having a belief in getting success or anything, not being in a state to help somebody.


  • I am hopeless, I can't get a seat in this college.
  • I am hopeless, I can't help you.

5. Defeat: Verb

To win over someone in competition, war or fight etc.


  • The country defeated another country.

6. Hard: Adverb

To work with effort


  • He studied hard to pass examinations.
  • If you work hard, you can reach your goal.

7. Continues: Verb

To keep on an activity or process.


  • He did not stop speaking, he continued till his wife called him.

8. Cheat: Verb

To be or act dishonestly or unfairly


  • He cheated his partners in business.

9. Terrify: Verb

To get fear.


  • I was terrified when the tiger came near my car.

10. Forgiveness: Noun

The act of forgiving or being forgiven.


  • Rina, everyone must deserve at least one forgiveness, you must forgive him.
  • Your forgiveness brought change in his nature.