Day 6 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 6 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 6 - 10 Daily Use English Words
Day 6 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 6 – 10 Daily Use English Words [hide]

1. Lower: Verb

To reduce.


  1. Lower the flame after 2 minutes.
  2. Could you lower your voice?
  3. His behaviour lowered his prestige.

2. Turn on: Verb

To activate.


  1. Turn on the stove.
  2. They turned on the motor.
  3. They turn on the TV and increase sound.

3. Juicy: Adjective

Being juice and liquid.


  1. Chicken curry is spicy and juicy.
  2. It is a nice juicy mango, isn’t it?

4. Cover: Verb

To put or spread something over something.


  1. I am covering the pillow with pillow cover.
  2. The snow covered the city so people faced the problems.
  3. The forests cover the half country.

 5. Mop: Verb

To clean with a stick which has cotton threads to end.


  1. She is mopping the floor in the hall.
  2. They mopped the whole building.
  3. After sweeping dust, she mopped the floor.

6. Druggist: Noun

A person who sells medicines.


  1. He is a druggist.
  2. His uncle is a druggist.

7. Pharmacist: Noun

A person who prepares medicines and sells to hospitals and shops.


  1. He is a pharmacist.
  2. Pharmacists prepare medicines very carefully.

8. Bricklayer: Noun

A person who builds walls with bricks.


  1. He is a bricklayer.
  2. Without bricklayers they cannot build this building.

9. Perfumer:  Noun

A person who prepares perfumes and sells.


  1. Her husband is a perfumer so she presents only perfumes as gifts.
  2. He lives near perfumer’s house.
  3. He is a perfumer, he knows how to increase his business in the market.

10. Greengrocer: Noun

A person who sells fruits and vegetables.


  1. He is a greengrocer, his shop is at middle of the city.
  2. In that colony many people are greengrocers. So we can get fresh vegetables and fruits.