Day 8 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 8 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 8 - 10 Daily Use English Words
Day 8 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 8 – 10 Daily Use English Words [hide]

1. Sufficient: Adjective

Being enough.


  1. This food is sufficient for whole family members.
  2. This money is sufficient for our project.
  3. We have sufficient resources to proceed further.

2. Familiar: Adjective

Knew very well before.


  1. I am familiar to this street but I have ever come before here.
  2. I saw two familiar faces among the crowd.
  3. She does not like to be too familiar with her colleagues.

3. Pretend: Verb

To act or behave something is true that is not.


  1. The children pretended that they were elephants.
  2. She pretends that she has not seen him before.

4. Charlatan: Noun

A person who pretends to have knowledge that he does not have.


  1. She is charlatan.
  2. Charlatan sold us useless medicines.
  3. You should not believe the charlatan.

 5. Slurp: Verb

To make loud sound while drinking or eating.


  1. He always slurps soup.
  2. You should not slurp soup, it irritates others.

6. Sob: Verb

To cry taking in short breaths.


  1. Girl is sobbing.
  2. His sister is sobbing.
  3. Burying his face in blanket, he began to sob.

7. Snore: Verb

To breathe in noisy while sleeping.


  1. His uncle is snoring, we are not getting sleep.
  2. He snores so loudly, it keeps them awake at night.
  3. She was snoring loudly.

8. Sniffle: Verb

To cry on the inside.


  1. I heard his sniffling.
  2. He is sniffling.

9. Hum: Verb

To sing by closing the mouth.


  1. He always hums while bathing.
  2. I love that song, can you please hum it for me?
  3. Please stop humming, it is disturbing me.

10. Fart: Verb

To release the gas through the anus.


  1. This room is stinking, somebody forted.
  2. You are farting from the morning, I cannot be here.
  3. I don’t understand what he eats, he farts all day.