Day 9 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 9 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 9 - 10 Daily Use English Words
Day 9 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 9 – 10 Daily Use English Words [hide]

1. Tremble: Verb

To shiver or shake with fear, excitement, disease etc. Things to shake with short movements.


  1. The train bogies were trembling before an accident.
  2. Her voice was trembling while giving speech.
  3. They are trembling with earth quake.
  4. He was trembling with fear.

2. Worn off: verb

To become dirty.


  1. My clothes were worn off.
  2. Your uniform is worn off, what will you wear to go to school?
  3. They missed in the forest for the past two months, their dresses were worn off.

3. Worn out: Verb

To get torn (clothes, cloths etc).


  1. My clothes were worn out, I should buy new clothes.
  2. Her sari was worn out while she was getting off the bus.
  3. My kerchief was worn out. I have to buy new kerchief.

4. Stir: Verb

To mix with object.


  1. Stir curry with ladle.
  2. Stir the sugar, water and flour with rubber spatula.
  3. Painter stirred the two thick paints in a bucket.

 5. Sniff: Verb

To find smell, to sense smell.


  1. Her dog sniffed her shoes.
  2. She sniffs kerosene, it is her habit.

6. Scream: Verb

Crying out loud.


  1. The old man screamed when he fall down.
  2. When we were in the forest, we heard some animal screaming.
  3. The lady in the painting is screaming.

7. Inhale: Verb

To breathe in.


  1. If we go to forest, we can inhale pure air.
  2. After inhaling the leaked gas from the factory they went to unconscious.
  3. She died after inhaling the poisonous gas.

8. Exhale: Verb

To breathe out.


  1. Swamiji holds his breath for ten minutes and then exhales.
  2. He exhaled cigarette smoke.

9. Dress up: Phrasal verb

To wear special dress for a special occasion.


  1. We are going to marriage, you must dress up.
  2. You don’t dress up to go to park.
  3. The boy dressed up as a military man on the occasion of Independence Day.

10. Wring: Verb

To squeeze and twist something to bring out the liquid.


  1. Wash your clothes and wring them.
  2. After wringing your clothes, hang them on washing line.
  3. Wring your towel and dry it.