Day 2 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 2 - 10 Daily Use English Words:

Day 2 - 10 Daily Use English Words

Improve your English word power. Learn other 10 words on Day 2.

1. Misplace:  Verb

To put or to keep something in the wrong place.


  • My grandfather often misplaces his teeth set.
  • She misplaced wedding ring. And she forgot where she kept.

2. Recall: Verb

To remember a past event into mind.


  • She recalled the car accident which occurred when she was a child.
  •  Elderly persons recalled the incidents were happened in their lives and shared with others.

3. Run over: Phrasal verb

To go somewhere quickly.


  • When Rakesh’s uncle called him, he ran over to his house.

4. Look for: Phrasal verb

To search for something


  • She is looking for small table in the storeroom.
  • He is looking for his purse in the ground where he lost it.

5. Drill: Verb

To dig or to do hole.


  • Thieves drilled the wall and entered into a jewellery shop.

6. Nod: Verb

To move the head slightly right and left or up and down to say yes or no while somebody is saying or asking or explaining etc.


  • He nodes his head for everything that his father says.
  • Children nod their heads while listening to the stories.
  • The student nodded his head when his teacher asked him whether he understood the lesson.

7. Upset: Verb

Not being happy or being disappointed.


  • He is upset about not getting the seat in a good college.
  • She is upset since her husband had joined the military.

8. Call out: Phrasal

To call loudly.


  • Mother called out children through the window while children were playing in the ground.

9. Increase: Verb.

To make something larger in amount or size or degree.


  • The commentator said that if the team wanted to win this match, they had to score at least 25 runs, increasing the tension.
  • Rani, please don’t increase the sound of the TV, the next room lady will be awake and scold us.

10. Lose: Verb.

Not to have something, something is taken away from


  • Don’t lose hope.
  • Don’t lose your money, buying waste things.
  • He lost his purse in the market.