All About Halloween Festival

All About Halloween Festival:

All About Halloween
How did Halloween come?

Generally when we hear about a festival, quickly we remember God. On the festival day, we worship and perform Pooja to God and celebrate it expecting God blessings. But do you know there is a festival celebrated for dead people! Not any other it is… Halloween! Every year Halloween comes on October 31st.

How did Halloween Festival come? Why do people celebrate it?

This Halloween, which people celebrate today, was formerly known as the Samhain, which was celebrated almost 2000 years ago by the Celtic people. The reason is people, who migrated from Ireland to North America, introduced the Samhain festival to the North Americans. Thus the festival has spread from North America to the world over time, and everyone started to celebrate this Halloween regardless of religion.

The Celtic people celebrated the Samhain festival due to some beliefs. The belief is that on October 31st, the boundaries between the living people and the dead people will be broken. They believed that the dead people would walk along with the living.

Why do people dress horribly on Halloween?

On Halloween day, people ready with a variety of strange costumes, such as ghosts, vampires, spirits and wolves, etc. Because when the dead people come to the living people, they look at the people in demonic garb and think that they are also demons like them and go back without hurting them. It is one belief.

Why do people lit Pumpkin Lanterns on Halloween?

Jack O Lantern or Pumpkin Lanterns are a must-have on Halloween. It is a belief that lighting lanterns made of pumpkin or anything else inside or outside of the house will ward off the evil spirits. That’s why we see everyone lighting pumpkin lanterns on Halloween day. Like this, there are many reasons to lit pumpkin lanterns.

On Halloween, children celebrate Trick and Treat at night. As part of this, children go to the neighbourhood and ask for a treat. In this trick-and-treat, the trick is to ask the neighbourhood homeowners and when children have not been given by homeowners what they have asked, children start doing tumult to achieve what they want. This is how children celebrate trick and treat on Halloween.

This is the information about the Halloween festival. People celebrate this festival by wearing terrifying costumes and ready their homes with different and horrible decoration items. If you know anything more about Halloween you can share us in the comment box.

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