Festival of Lights: Know All About Diwali Festival

About Diwali in English – Festival of Lights:

Festival of Lights - About Diwali in English

Diwali is one of the countrywide celebrated significant Hindu festivals in India. This festival is also grandly celebrated in some other countries also. Every year Diwali comes in Aswayuja month. The Diwali festival celebrated three to five days is a public holiday. Festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated by Hindus and some other religious people as a symbol of the lights that drives away the darkness and good over evil.

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

People grandly celebrate Diwali. They lit clay diyas (lamps) everywhere inside and outside of the home and eat sweet dishes and later at night time they burst firecrackers.

There are so many stories about how Diwali came, but all stories’ overall message is only one. That, the Good won over Evil and Darkness and brought Light. This festival is a symbol of Victory of Good.

In the time of the kings, there would have occurred wars frequently between kingdoms. After the war between the two kingdoms, the results would have been much worse. In some cases, for example, there was occurring a war between a good wealthy kingdom called A and another kingdom B which is selfish and the aspiration to win other states, if B won over A, A kingdom might have lost its existence. If A won over B, B kingdom would be ruled by A kingdom. The post-war results were different depending on the character, mentality, and circumstances of those who won the war. How the war was terrible as same as its consequences were also so awful.

Thus, when one kingdom won over another kingdom, the victorious royal warriors would come home and bath. On the occasion of their victory, their family would prepare sweet dishes and the whole family eats sweets together. Regarding their victory as good over evil, as a symbol of victory, they would lit lamps and burst fireworks to make their victory known to everyone. The day, on which day they come from the battle, is the festival day for them. That means who come home the first day, they celebrate festival on the same day, who come home next day, they celebrate it on the same day, who come home third day, they celebrate it on the same day. The day, on which day they come home, is their festival day. That is why this festival is celebrated in a different way by each community.

Thus, the people who win the war come home and celebrate the festival to make their victory known to everyone. Like that, this Diwali festival started.

What is Diwali meaning?

On the festival day, we light the lamps inside and outside of homes in a sequence. A row of lights is called Deepavali. Deepavali is derived from the words Deepa (Diya, Lamp) and Avali (row). Diwali is derived from Deepavali.

What do people do during the Diwali Festival?

Diwali is the biggest festival after Dussehra. Cleaning the homes begins before two to three days to Diwali. After completion of cleaning they decorate their homes beautifully. People do head bath in the morning later women draw colourful patterns (Rangavalli) with white and colour flours on the floor in front of the main door. And they tie mango leaves arches to the main door and prepare sweet dishes. On Diwali every family must prepare and eat Semiya Payasam made with sugar, milk, ghee. They share prepared sweets with family and relatives. Evening they lit clay lamps and place in inside and outside of the home, later they perform Pooja. At night they burst firecrackers and enjoy the festival.

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