Festival: History of Bathukamma

Myths about Bathukamma Festival in English.

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Bathukamma is a big floral festival celebrated state-widely by Hindu womenfolk in Telangana. Because of its uniqueness and the specificity of Bathukamma, we can say that it is a symbol of Telangana culture and tradition.

It is a nine days festival celebrated in September-October. It starts on Mahalaya Amavasya and continues till Navaratri. In 2019 Bathukamma festival dates: 28, September to 6, October.

Myths about the Bathukamma Festival:

There are many stories about the Bathukamma festival. Let’s know a few stories.

Goddess Lakshmi – As a Daughter

The king of Chola Dharmangudu and his wife Satyavati didn’t have children. For children, they performed lots of Poojas. One day, they were worshipping in the arboretum.  Goddess Lakshmi Devi was very appreciative of their devotion and appeared in front of them. Then, the couple asked Goddess to be born as their daughter. Goddess Lakshmi Devi granted their wish and Goddess born as a daughter to them. All the sages came to king palace and gave “Bathukamma” blesses to the king’s daughter. The meaning of Bathukamma is Live Forever.

Without Lord Shiva

Kingdom Kalyani Chalukya (present Telangana) was ruled by King Satyasrayudu. In that kingdom, there was the Rajarajeswara temple of Rajarajshwara, Rajarajeshwari in Vemulavada (present Karimnagar). People believed that Goddess Rajarajeshwari would be their support during difficult times in their life. However, the son of Raja Raja, who ruled the Chola kingdom, won the war against Vemulavada. As a mark of his success, he destroyed the Rajarajeswara temple and took the Brihat Shiva lingam and gave it as a gift to his father. King Rajaraja built the Brihadeshwara temple for Brihat Shiva lingam.

The people were so disturbed that the Cholas stole the Brihad Lingam from the Rajarajeswara temple and separated the Shiva Linga from the Brihadamma (Parvati Devi). For the pleasure of Goddess Brihadamma (Parvati) Devi, people have decorated her favourite flowers in the shape of Mountain Meru and put Gouramma made with turmeric on the Batukamma peak, by singing and dancing, they began to celebrate the festival grandly every year. Thus, the name Bathukamma came from the name Brihadamma. This is another popular story.

What womenfolk do at Bathukamma Festival?

On the occasion of Bathukamma women wear traditional Sarees with jewellery, teenage girls wear Langa-oni/Lehenga Choli/half-saree with jewellery. By singing and dancing womenfolk worship Bathukamma, later they carry them on their heads and go to the nearby pond or lake before the sun dusk. After reaching the pond, once again they dance and sing. That place is so charming at the time. Before immersing Bathukamma, they take turmeric Gouramma which is placed on it, next, they immerse Bathukamma in water.

9 Days Names of Bathukamma Festival

The festival, which lasts for nine days, is unique and consists of different names every day. They are:

  1. Engili Poola Bathukamma
  2. Atukula Bathukamma
  3. Muddapappu Bathukamma
  4. Nane Biyyam Bathukamma
  5. Atla Bathukamma
  6. Aligina Bathukamma
  7. Vepakayala Bathukamma
  8. Venna Muddala Bathukamma
  9. Saddula Bathukamma

These are the stories about Bathukamma that I know. If you know any other different story about Bathukamma, tell us in the comment box below.

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