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May 12, 2015

Frequently asked Questions:

Why is chat section added in
Meaning of adding this chat room is not to get life partners, make relations, make friendship and dating too. Chat section of this website meaning is to do good chat. This chat section is for only who want to do good conversations in chat. Purpose of added chat section in this website is our users requested us to add a chat box on our website, so as per users request we added this chat section on

What is the difference between Moderators and admin/owners?
There is lot of difference between moderators and admin/owners. Meaning of admins is maintainers and meaning of owner is founder of If your question is who are moderators? Answer to your question is moderators are just controller of chat box. It means moderators do not have any permission to access website, just they have right to access only in the chat box. To entire website, moderators are also normal chatters as normal visitors.

Who are moderators?
Moderators are also normal visitors to chat box. Now continuing moderators are also few months ago normal visitors, they requested us that "we are ready to do as moderator in TLC (chat section name) by following your(Chat section) rules". Chat box doesn't have fully automatic spam controlling, so we accepted their request and gave them moderator rights in chat box. To do spam controlling in chat room, moderators can kick/ban if chatters cross chat rules. Moderators have right(permission) to kick/ban chatters. Chatters are giving permission themselves to moderators that if they do mistake they will get kick/ban because users agreed our Terms & Conditions by entering into chat boxes

Do moderators have permission to kick/ban chatters in the chat box?
Yes, because we clearly mentioned everything in Terms and conditions. Chatters are giving permission by themselves by entering into chat boxe.

Does the chat room have automatic spam controlling?
Yes, spam detector is enabled in this chat.

How much time does it take to unban who are banned by spam detector?
It takes one hour from banning time.

What can chatters do by themselves to control spam?
Anyone chatter can ignore/block user by themselves with who are irritating them. After ignoring/blocking them, user will not receive any messages from that ignored/blocked user.

Should chatters depend always on moderators?
No, moderators are for just public chat controlling purpose and sometimes if another users give complain to moderator on abuser, at that time only moderators will take an action. But we are strongly recommending you(to chatters) that don't depend on moderators for every issue in the chat rooms. Solve your issues by yourselves by ignoring/blocking abuser in chats.

WARNING: Read our all terms and conditions before entering into chat rooms. If you entered, it means you agreed our Terms & Conditions.

Don't share your personal information with strangers. If you share, you are only responsible for that no one can help you include chat rooms moderators. And don't addict to chat rooms. We added this chat rooms as per our website chatters request only.


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