2D Blueprint From 3D Object | Blender

Hello, in this article, I explained how to get 2D blue print from 3D object step by step. This will help you a lot.

Step: 1
I did this model. You can do your own model.

Step: 2
Select only top faces.

Step: 3
Click on ‘U’ key then click ‘Unwrap’.
Note: Before unwrapping, you must apply rotation and scale transform.

Step: 4
You will get UV like this.

Step: 5
Select the UV.
Scale the UV.

Step: 6
Go to UV menu and click on ‘Export UV layout’.

Step: 7
Export box will appear. Change the opacity from 0.25 to 1. Give path link (see the red box on the image) where you want to save.  Give file name and click on ‘Export UV layout’.

This is blue print in PNG format.

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