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హెచ్చరిక : ఈ సైట్లో ఏ భాగాన్ని కూడా పూర్తిగా గాని, కొంత గాని కాపిరైట్ హోల్డరు & ప్రచురణ కర్తల నుండి ముందుగ రాతపూర్వకంగా అనుమతి పొందకుండా ఏ రూపంగా వాడుకున్నా కాపిరైట్ చట్టరీత్యా నేరం. ఎవరయినా ఇందుకు పాల్పడితే వారి పై చట్ట రిత్యా చర్య తీసుకుంటాము


I am Empty

April 6, 2015

In the process of being you, I lost myself..

But by th…

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No Love.....

April 6, 2015

U haven't loved me

In the hottest summer in May,


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My lovable

March 31, 2014

I saw my face in mirror, its says it’s not you?????


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Little Girl

February 2, 2014

*Oho a sweet little girl..*

*Came to me like a doll..*

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I Miss You

December 18, 2013

I Love You

Don't need to leave it Coz iam

Deep in your…

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December 2, 2013

There is no rose without thorn

There is no gain without …

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My Dear

November 3, 2013

Oho my dear

Don't forget me ever

Understand me better…

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November 3, 2013

Forest keeps animals the safest

It gives us firewood, ma…

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Our Friendship

October 6, 2013

Rose is a flower

Its stands an hour

But our friendsh…

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September 30, 2013

You are my lover

Because you are my figure


I love y…

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What is the meaning of 'Manandari'?

     People who have not read the meaning of Manandari, they think that 'What is the meaning of this name?' and Also some persons understa..Readmore

Latest published writings - [17-November-2015]

  Telugu Poem:  

Nuvvu Leni Nenu....


Latest published writings - [15-November-2015]

  Telugu Poem:  
  Telugu Article:  

Neeku Toduga Untanu Ante



Maanava Jeevanmarana Rahasyam


Latest published writings - [13-November-2015]

Deepavali Kavita

Snehaniki Neevichina Goppa Bahumati


Latest published writings - [10-November-2015]

  English Story:  

Eat, eat and Eat!!

     What will happen if we do or take more over than we need? This point made me write this short story. Entire story goes around three friends who have different eating natures. Remarkable thing in this story is what they have done and wh... Read more

  Telugu Poems:  
Telugu Story:  
O PremaChaluNee NenunuNee Chelimikai Nela Ralina Taara


On 12-October-2015 published writings

  English Articles:  

Detention Policy : A curse on the rural child

      In the wake of the ensuing first meeting of the reconstituted Central Advisory Board for Education (CABE) aimed at making novelistic modifications for formulating a prog... Read more

English Medium Schools - Need of the Hour

Introduction of English Medium Education in all Government Schools : An Essential need of the Hour

1. Need to introduce... Read more

Telugu Story:  

Oka Aalochana

  Telugu Article:  

 Palle Sogasulu

  Telugu Poems:  

Kanula SandramloNee DooramVechi Vunna


On 15-9-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:  

Maku Vanochindi ! Maakoo Vanochindi!!

On 6-9-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:  

 Nee Vijayam
Devataina... Devudaina...
Pavitra Yuddam

On 28-8-2-15 published writings:

  Telugu Poem:  


On 25-8-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:  

Enta Inkenta
Anduko Induko
Nenevarino Telusa?

On 12-8-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:   English Articles:
Ee Andamaina Sayantramlo

Ignorance is the mother of all evils

Ignorance meaning is " Lack of knowledge or information". Lack of knowledge means some one doesn't have knowledge. We can...


Jeevita Saaphalyam
Nenu Maa Amma

On 2-8-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:  
Dwandaalu Protsahanne
Edi Tappu Kadu Sneham Ante

On 19-7-2015 published writings:

Rujuvulu Needi Pakshapata Buddi

On 19-7-2015 published photographs:

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Title: Sunrise

Photographer: Savitha

Category: Photography

Posted photos: 7

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On 11-7-2015 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:  
Ammaa Kavita Vidya Telugu Kavita
Ammaa 2 Telugu Kavita  

On 22-6-2-15 published writings:

  Telugu Poems:    English Article:  
Eenadu Na ManasuAmma Unnara Ninnu MinchinoruMaaraaliTolakari Jallu

Role of youth in taking..




On 11-6-2015 published photographs:

Titlie: Sun Set In Diff Places

Photographer: Avani

Category: Photography

Posted photos: 14

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On 10-6-2015 published writings:

Articles Poems
Nee Swetcha Naa Aalochanallo Neevu
3 Suryudu

On 8-6-2015 published writings:

Bhaava Geetam

On 31st May published poems:

Vesavi Udayam Naa Desam
Jeevita Gamyam  


On 23rd May 15 published poem:


On 14th May published poem:

Nestamaa Naa pranama - CLICK HERE

On 3rd May added songs:

Chintha's songs:

Ayyayyo - Play

Sri Raghu Nandana - Play

On 11th April published poem:



On 9th April published poems and article:


Maate Mantramu...


Aalochanaa naijam Kaalma chesina gaayam

On 6th April published poem:

No Love...

March Publications:

Story and Article:

Badileelalu Sad Man


KavuluTalli PremaMy FeelingNee RaakakaiNaa BhaaratiHoneybeeAa KshanamBhumata SevaOntari BhaavanaNaa ManasuCheli NeevallePharmacy Manishi GosaRadhaOo Raajakeeya Paarijaatama nee payanametuAntuleni Prayanam Amma PremaFeelingMy FriendTelisi Teliyani ManasuVanchanaNuvvu TappaMaa AmmaSubhodayamAnnadaata GaadhaYemani CheppanuKanipinche DevataammaneeAa SnehamOntari Prayanam

English Poem and Articles:

I am EmptyMultitasking MirrorTrees


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KaarU's songs:


Anurag Krishna's songs:

Dear authors,

     Now onwards authors need not wait long time to see their writings and etc on Every writing will be published within 3 or 4 days.


English Stuff:


     Hi friends, I would like to share my feeling about our nature. I’m not saying about our innerside nature, I’m saying about the nature which is around us.


     Look at that word, it has only six letters, but when we look at the nature how much beauty, sadness, happy and etc it has. It has so many things. It effects on our mind. It means when we will be without thoughts are any things in our mind we can feel…

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     Hello friends,
     I would like to tell which I have heard about a news recently. But before that you must question yourself that is “Am I doing multitasking?”.

     For that question if your answer is “NO” there is no problem but if you know about problems of multitasking you may tell about the problems of multitasking to your family members, friends and other.

     And for above question your answer is...

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     Trees play main role on earth. To say mainly trees give us oxygen to all living beings and humans. Think once if there is no oxygen, what will be happen? Do we live without Oxygen? Have you even questioned yourselves this question? I think you haven’t questioned till now like which I have mentioned. Doesn’t matter have you questioned or not, matter is you have to think about it and must question yourselves on it...

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Do you know? The water is not cold in copper, brass and steel bowls or strainers. But the water is very cold in clay pots.

In summer when we are sitting near the fan, our body is very cold because of our body sweat comes out through the holes of our body and it is evaporated. That is why our body cold.

Like this, clay pot walls have many ho...

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Dear readers,
Now, we are going to know about the Telugu Language and the Telugu Language history. The Telugu language is one of the language in Dravidian. There are so many languages in the Dravidian language category. That languages are Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada etc.. The source of the Telugu language is Dravidian and this language is one of the ancient Langu...

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     The body needs the salt. It is not only for the taste. Salt is very important physiological doings. If there is no salt in human body the man does not live. It is unusually to listen. But it is true. Human beings live without sweet, chill and sourness but they do not live without salt. Approximately human body has 50 litters of water. This water is not pure.

     The water percentage is like as s...

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     In the whole web lots of chat rooms are available with the different category to do chat, in that there to pass time purpose categorized chat rooms count big. In this category, these chat rooms are for the only pass time purpose. Using of the passing time purpose chat room, lots of plus and minus points are there with the chat rooms. We are going to tell you about that few of plus and minus points...

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     Today's our national flag was designed in 1921. On that days in Vijayawada one meeting was conducted by the congress. In that meeting Pingali Venkaiah also participated and he showed his designed flag to Gandhi. In that flag first orange, green colors and in the middle the spinning wheel was there. The meaning of orange is for Hindus, Green is for Muslim brothers. Pingali Venkaiah told about this flag to...

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     Did you heard about the human brains Museum? I think you are shocked when you read about this human's brain museum matter. Yeah!! This news little bit shocking type. And I think already you have got lots of question in your brain, right? Like where, when and what etc...

     In Bangalore, there is opened the museum of human's brains. There are 600 above human's brains in that museum...

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     Do you know full information of the about our computer keyboard? If you know then no problem but if you don't know then you should read this article.

     Hundreds of years ago Typewriters, 50 years back computers and newly coming smart phones... this three are every time changing because technical knowledge. But in these all three Typewriters,  Computers and smart phones are changing but only one...

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     Now, I am introducing some of facts about birds, crustaceans and creatures. Everyone should know minimum knowledge of about the birds, crustaceans and creatures; because general knowledge is very importance in our life. I think you may ask by yourself why you need general knowledge?! right?. Let me explain in few words. Now a days are very competitive, every moment in our life very risky, and competitive. That's why we should lear...

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