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March 11, 2013


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  1. Mana Desam G. Bhuvaneswara Reddy
  2. Adhika Raktapeedananiki (High B.P) Gruhavaidyamuby Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  3. Yuvata .... O Maataby G. Bhuvaneswara Reddy
  4. Neeru - Maanava Viluvaluby G. Bhuvaneswara Reddy
  5. Baruvu Taggataniki Avalambinchavalasina Konni Suluvaina Margaalu (Mandulu Vadakunda) by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  6. Beetroot Upayogalu - Vaati Prajojanalu by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  7. Dabbuto Kundeti Venkata Kalyani
  8. Pillalni Penchakandi... Peraganivvandi....  - by Kundeti Venkata Kalyani
  9. Ee Prapancham Nadichedi Denimida? - by Kundeti Venkata Kalyani
  10. Mana Vyadhi Nirodhaka Vyavastanu Patishta Parachukovataniki Konni Maargaaluby Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  11. Gamyam Cherchani Vandaroddula Koodalilo.... - by Sujani
  12. Vesavi Tapanni Tattukovataniki Tinavalasina Aaharapadarthalu - by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  13. Pillallo TeliviTetalu Penchataniki Konni Saastreeya Paddatulu - by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  14. Padalapai Erpade Aanelu, Kaayalu, Vaati Nivaarana, Chikitsa - by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  15. GnapakaSakti Taggataaniki Kaaranaalu - by Ambadipudi Syamasundara Rao
  16. Notlaraddu - Chattam - Dharmam - by Sumalatha Dwarampudi
  17. Global Warming nu Manavantugaa Em Chesi Tagginchagalam - by Padmasri
  18. Public Transport - The Last Whistle!! - by Kamisetti Chandramouli
  19. Vaignanika Vaiparityaalu - Punahsrushti Prayogaalu - by K. Siddartha
  20. Nenu - by GK Ganesh
  21. Mahadbhutam Maanava Srushti Rahasyam! - by Kamisetti Chandramouli
  22. Baahya Mariyu Antara Soundaryam  - By B.Akhil Kumar
  23. Lepakshi - Ananta Adhbuta Yatra Kshetram (Category: Temples) - By K.Chandramouli
  24. Maanava Jeevanmarana Rahasyam!! - By K.Chandramouli
  25. Maate Mantramu - By Nanduri Venkatesh
  26. Sad Man - K.B. Veer Reddy
  27. Balyam Effect on Yavvanam - By Sai Suravarapu
  28. Cheyuta - By Nanduri Venkatesh
  29. Viswasam... Lakshyam - By Ch Karuna Sagar
  30. I Love My Dairy - By Charan
  31. Mana Aarogyam Mana Chetilo - By Pavani Vattikuti
  32. Kanneellu Kaabovu Saswatam - By B.Akhil Kumar
  33. Navvu Navvinchu - By Nanduri Venkatesh
  34. Hrudaya Gaanam - By Krishna Prasad
  35. Satyam... Asatyam... - By B.Akhil Kumar
  36. Vignata - By Krishna Prasad
  37. Mano Soundaryam - By Krishna Prasad
  38. Dehamu Yandu Sandehamu - By Chandrudu Chand
  39. Chinnaru Manasulo Maata - By Bheesetti Lokanada Rao
  40. Annamu Vrudha - By Ch Karuna Sagar
  41. Aalayaaniki Enduku Veltamu? - By Chandrudu Chand
  42. Oka Ammaayi Katha Kaani Vyadha - By Ch Karuna Sagar
  43. Manam Enduku Maaram? - By Ch Karuna Sagar
  44. Vyasanam - By Ch Karuna Sagar
  45. Manasu - By Padmasri
  46. Mugimpu Edi? - By Krishna Prasad
  47. Manishilo Unte Dharanilo Undi - By Krishna Prasad
  48. Grudditanamlo Nunde - By Krishna Prasad
  49. Parishkaaram - By Padmasri
  50. Telugu Pramukhyata - By B.Akhil Kumar
  51. Tallini Baadhinchakandi - By Munna Kicku
  52. Cinemalu & Jeevitalu - By B.Akhil Kumar
  53. Prema Ante Emiti? - By B.Akhil Kumar
  54. Neti Yuvataram By B.Akhil Kumar
  55. Kaalushya Rahita Vaatavaranam - By B.Akhil Kumar

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