Panda Facts and Information – Top Five Facts

We know very well about Panda. They look so cute. From children to elder everybody likes them. Their chubby body, cute faces having dark spots attract everyone. By observing children liking Pandas, many Pandas animated movies released. We know how much money those movies collected at box office. People and especially children like Panda very much.

Let’s know some facts about Cute and Chubby Pandas.

  1. What do pandas eat? Pandas eat a lot. They start eating on wake-up and eat continually. Pandas eat one and only food is bamboo. Even they eat bamboo a lot they don’t feel that they have eaten because the bamboo has low nutrition.
  2. Pandas’ life time is almost 20 years. They are on earth since 3000000 years.
  3. Present, there are nearly 2000 Pandas only. In these days thanks to some organizations et cetera Pandas count is slightly increasing. This is bit good news for animal lovers.
  4. According to the University of California scientists’ research, consisting of dark spots on Pandas body has a reason. In the course of time, these spots intentionally emerged on Pandas body. The intention of dark spots of face is to help in recognizing Pandas each other. And remaining dark spots on body has also an intention. To get protection from other animals, these spots help them.
  5. Pandas can recognize each other with their dark spots which are around the eyes and on ear.