All About Spiders – Top 10 Facts

As per my opinion, everybody should have minimum knowledge of what are surrounding us. Today I wrote some things of spider. You know very well that spiders make house dirty. Yes they do. But, I am not talking about this thing.

The top 10 things of spider that we should know

  1. Where do spiders live? Spiders live in all continents except Antarctica.
  2. Spider species are above 45000.
  3. They are different in sizes. Small spiders are less than 0.37mm and large spiders are up to 99mm.
  4. Some spiders have venom in fangs.
  5. Some spiders’ venom is dangerous to humans.
  6. They produce silk from their glands. This silk is used to build webs. Webs are sticky nets. They use the webs for catching the insects and worms for eating.
  7. They build webs not only on earth but under the water also.
  8. Some spiders, for protecting themselves from other animals, can merge with their surroundings or back ground.
  9. They indirectly help us by eating insects which harm for our health.
  10. According to surveys, world widely, all spiders eat more than all humans eat.

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