Life in a Well – Poetry

Sesi Saradi

I was thrown into a Well In

My prime.

It is like a underground forest,

With dense vegetation and as it is

A Well, water. Lots of it.

I don’t know what crime, I


To be thus punished!

I have food to eat

and water to drink.

And a whole life ahead to lament.

I live with beasts, like a slave.

This maybe the hell we read about.

Every day I plan to get away.

But I could not climb the steep

Wall of the Well with out help. I

tried and failed many a time.

And then started to wait for the


Prayed fervently. Once,

someone peeped and

Promised help.

I waited and waited.

He never came back.

Now I only wait for the end.

I will embrace it lovingly,

As I am too old, tired



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