How to Use Keyboard As a Mouse?

How to Use You Keyboard As a Mouse?

While working seriously on desktop if your mouse stops working, it annoys very much. It happens frequently to so many people. Even I have also faced many times this kind of situations.

Many of you may already have thought “I wish I could use my keyboard as mouse” Aren’t you? That is why you are reading this article to know how to use your keyboard as a mouse.

Let’s enter into topic.                  

Before reading this article, make sure that you are using Windows OS only. Because, this article helps you if you are using Windows OS only. If you are using other operating system, it can’t.

If your mouse has fallen down and not working, or permanently stopped or if it is not working properly, you can simply replace the mouse. But at some situation we cannot buy it so quickly. For example you have only half an hour to send an urgent email to someone and your mouse stopped worked, at that time how you handle? Even it’s not possible to buy mouse so early within half an hour. Like this there may be so many situations.

At that moment alternately we can do mouse work with the keyboard also. So let’s see how we can use Keyboard as a Mouse.

Click on Start menu.

Go to “Control Panel

After it opened, look around for “Ease of access”. After opening that window, you see some options on that window. Now click on the name of “Ease of Access Center”. After clicking on it, you see another menu on that window. Look around for “Make the Keyboard easier to use”, and click on it.

Many options will appear in front of you on that window. Tick to “Turn on Mouse Keys” which will be below the “Control the mouse with the keyboard”.

After ticking to it, click on the “apply” button which will be the corner of that window. After clicking on it, click “OK” button.

That’s it! You have successfully set up your keyboard as your mouse.

Your keyboard mouse is now ready to use. Whenever you log on, it will start automatically.

How to use?

You can move your mouse pointer by using 2, 4, 6, 8 buttons of the number pad of keyboard (They will be right side of keyboard). You can open anything by pressing 5 button of the number pad. [NOTE: Number buttons, which will be above English letters, will not work to move mouse pointer.]

To move mouse pointer fast:

Press the numbers along with CTRL button to move fast your mouse pointer.