Distracted Walking Should Not be Done

I don’t know what the matter is but everybody does distracted walking, however, it is very dangerous to everyone you know!

When we go outside or around us we see many of us walking while reading, texting, listening to music, and talking on a handset. This walking is called distracted walking. While doing this, they forget themselves. It is very dangerous not only to them, but to others also.

Not only this problem, there are many if you do distracted walk.

They will have to face lot of problems who do distracted walking. By doing this, people make problems to others also. Due to this, they are falling down stairs, tripping over curbs, bumping into other walkers and stepping into traffic. Because of it, accidents are occurring. Somebody doesn’t care about it and they may think nothing to worry about distracted walking. But this is very dangerous. You may think of how distracted walkers can do problem to others. If you are walking while texting on a handset, you may be bumping into others. Therefore, who you bumped on, they may fall down or anything can happen to them.

Due to distracted walking many pedestrian accidents are occurring in these days. It causes number of injuries from scrapes and bruise to sprains and fractures. So, especially pedestrians should avoid distracted walking.