Do Good to Others

Do good to others meaning is help others. Naturally we think helping to others meaning is giving money to others. Helping to others meaning is not only giving money. There are many types to help others.

For example if a person has asked me to clarify his doubt I clarified his doubt. This is also one kind of help and it’s called as help. If we wanted to help we can help anyone in anyway.

And another example I will tell. We went to bank and there, a person asked us to fill a form of his. If we filled it and gave him it is also help.

These are two examples of to do help others.

We should do good to others but we should not do bad to others.

For it I am not going to give a big example but I would like to give a small example on it.

In school level a student there he is very clever. He concentrates on his studies only. He doesn’t divert his concentration to other things. But if a person try to destroy that clever boy’s concentration, this activity is called “doing bad to others”.

We need not do good to others but at least we should not do bad others. Who doesn’t try to do bad to others also one type of doing good to others.

This is I want to say that don’t do good to others but don’t try to do bad to others.