The Importance and Usage of Learning New Language

B. Akhil Kumar

Drawn by B.Akhil Kumar

Well, finally I’m writing an article on which I have wanted to write. I have thought of writing on this particular topic for the long time. There is a reason to choose it and write an article on it. My mother tongue is Telugu, when I saw programs of other language on television, they were good to see. But, I could not make out what they were speaking. That is why I thought one thing. I know if we don’t know any language, we can learn it. But there might be who doesn’t know regarding this information. Some of them may also know but, they may not know what to do after learning a new language.

If a person learns a new language, they can get many opportunities by it.

They, having thought of learning a new language, may think within what to learn and what to do after learning a new language. I know answers for both above the questions. But others may know or not. This reason made me write this article. I wanted to write not only about this, but its usages also regarding language and its courses when I thought of writing it.

Languages courses are quite important in these days; we should know the importance of them. Their necessity is very much now a days.

Let’s go into the topic.

There are three strong reasons to say, “Language courses are important”.

They are:

  1. To communicate
  2. To get a Job
  3. As a Translator

To communicate: Improve communication skills

To express our feelings, we use language. Language helps us to communicate with others and without it we can’t tell or express anything to others.

A person may have difficulty in talking while trying to speak in other language if he belongs to another native language spoken person. For those who are in this situation, languages courses help them to learn other languages. I would like to tell some simple examples in a nut shell to describe it clearly.


In foreign countries, almost there will be only one spoken language. Because of one language, people of those countries could go and speak with others in any part of their country. Example country:  Our (India) nearest country China.

A person who speaks only his region language for him it is very difficult if he goes to other part of his country where another language is spoken. When we compare foreign countries and India, there is a lot of difference between them. In India, there are many spoken languages. It is very difficult if a person belongs to other region language and goes to another place where another language is spoken. Our (India) national language is Hindi, we know it. Where we go if Hindi language spoken people are there, there won’t be any difficulty in communicating. But when there is no Hindi language spoken people, there will raise the problem.

Despite being able to speak in Hindi, you cannot communicate with others if they, who you are communicating with, don’t know Hindi language. If this is the situation, you should be able to speak in other language alternatively to communicate with others. If you don’t know any alternate language, you have to learn. For those people, language courses are very important. We may say, “These languages courses play vital role” in this situations.

Suppose you want to go foreign country, it is very important to learn the language which is spoken there, so that you can communicate with others. If you don’t know that language, how could you communicate with the people of that country? So you have its necessity.

To get the Jobs: We should have good communication skills to get a job.

These days are so competitive, we know it very well. We often hear on television and newspapers lot of educated persons not having jobs and getting them. They may have many reasons for not getting the jobs. In them, one of the reasons is for not being good in required language (Example: English). Not having had good communication skills in English, they are not getting the job.

I have mentioned above already and you too know that our country has many spoken languages. Being from many places and languages, students of India are studying entire their education in their regional language. Having studied in regional language, they could not be able to get command on international or national language for those languages required jobs. Due to this reason, students are not getting the jobs despite being educated. I’m not telling about it as per my knowledge but this is true and fact which is occurring now.

Pick out right Institute “for learning new language”:

Till now on this article you have been known about importance of language and what’s been occurring due to lack of required language. If you decide to learn any language, it’s high time you started to know which institute is good for learning the new language.

We see around us many language courses teaching institutes being. In them many are so popular and some are not. You have to choose the best institute among them. Don’t join in any institute by seeing its reputation. Because, despite being reputed, some institutes are not good in teaching the new languages to their students. So before joining in any institute, enquire about it clearly. After knowing the full details of the institute, join in that institute, so that you can learn the new language perfectly.

As I said above about one of the reasons for not getting the job, solution is “improve your language skills”. After improving your skills, try for the job. You will definitely get the job.

Many Opportunities are in Front of You:

As a Translator: Many languages need translators

I have heard this news somewhere that there have not been sufficient languages’ translators for some languages. For those languages, if you learn one of the languages (which language doesn’t have many translators), you can become a translator for that language. I think I need not explain more, you can make out regarding it.


In this competitive world everybody must be aware of everything. If there is an opportunity, there is no wrong to get it if you learn the required skills of that job. Intention of writing this article is to tell you that you should learn the language when you have other language necessity. Learning new language meaning is not to neglect your mother tongue. Its meaning, learn new but don’t forget your native language. If jobs are not offered for your native language, it doesn’t mean that your native language is not eligible. So if you think like that, you have to change your way of thinking because every language has speciality their respectively.

For the opportunities, going other places and jobs you are learning other languages if you don’t want to do job which requires other language or go anywhere, you need not learn any language.

So learn new language but don’t neglect your native language. All the best!