Why is the Sand used in Constructions?

This article is for them who have not known about why the sand is used in constructions. If you are also from one of them, this article will help you. I wrote in few words regarding this to be aware.

Sand, being natural source and useful, is used in various works.  We often see the sand used in constructions.

Why is the sand used in constructions?

To make the building strong, sand is used in constructions with cement how the liquid is used for sticking the things. And sand, having rough surfaces, holds the cement strongly when it is mixed in cement. Due to it, cement will become strong in holding the bricks and make the building strong.

What happens if sand is not mixed in cement?

Cement, not having sand, will not be strong. If any building is constructed without the sand in cement, the building will get cracks and fall down and collapse.

Can any type of sand be used?

Lake and rivers sand is more used in constructions. But sea sand, having the smooth surfaces, does not hold the cement strongly. Hence, it is not used in constructions.

This is brief information of why the sand is used in constructions.