Is Spending more Time on Social Media Good?

We can say that on online social networking sites are very popular. We see many sorts of social networking websites being on online. For example: Google+, Facebook, et cetera.

The main intention of to start social networking sites is to connect people each other and be in touch with their beloved ones, classmates relatives, who they met in past. On social networking sites people have an opinion that everyone can stay in touch with everybody by using those sites.

But in these days some people are using social networking sites for dating and chatting purpose only.


By chatting and dating on them, they are spending so much time in front of systems. This shouldn’t be done.

Students, by spending lot of time in front of systems, are losing their concentration and neglecting their studies. There are many advantages by using social networking sites but spending all time for social networking is wrong.


There will be a limit for everything so use social networking sites in a limit and in a good way. And do not spend your full time in front of computers for using the social networking sites.