Three Ways to Store Your Data or Personal Files on Online

B. Akhil Kumar

Development of internet is picking up like the speed of bullet train.

Some computer users, having suffered problems and not having felt safe storing data on their PC or laptop, are doing think of where to store their data safely. Because of storing data on their PC or laptops, many people have lost it. Many computer users, being afraid of losing data, are finding alternate ways to store their data safely.

To help you in finding, I have written this article.

Many websites, featuring online storage, are available on online to check the problem of losing data. There might be difficulty in finding which online storage site is good or safe. The online storage providing websites, which are most popular on online, have been written below according to knowledge of me.

Most popular free online storage providing sites:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive

According to me these are the three websites which I have known and are able to trust on online.

1. Google Drive:

Google Drive provides 15GB storage space for free. You can get more GB also by paying money. According to me 15GB is almost enough to keep data on it which is important to you. One important and you have to remember thing is not to keep any of your files publicly on it, keep them privately. If you put them visible to public, they are visible and can be accessible to everyone. So keep it in mind.

2. Dropbox:

Dropbox provides you 2GB storage space for free. If you want extra GB, you can upgrade on it. One of their plans is if you pay 9.99 dollar, you will get 1TB storage space on online.

3. OneDrive:

According to me now OneDrive provides you only 5GB storage space for free, but before it gave 15GB for free. It is better to visit this OneDrive’s website to know more and exactly details clearly.

Each of above mentioned sites gives you the access to access your files from any device after once you store any data on your account on them by signing in.

NOTE: Those websites can change their plans and information anytime. So, before signing up on, know about those sites clearly and proceed. Do not proceed by reading my article.