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Invitation to Your Talent

April 23, 2015, the platform of the talents publishing, welcomes to everyone’s talents and those people who have a dream to publish their talents on a good site.

We welcome every talent like literature, arts et cetera.

For an example:

Are you a Poet/Poetess?

Do you have passion in writing poems and do you wish your poems to be published on a talents publishing site? To this question, our website, the is the good answer. You can send your poems to us to publish your poems on Ma…

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What is the meaning of 'Manandari'?

April 23, 2015, a publishing platform of literature, arts and other talents, encourages the talented people. We, having an intention, have put the “Manandari” name as the site name. “Manandari” name, letters of Telugu, having been taken from “Ma” - Mana Matrubhashaksarala (Letters of our mother tongue), “Nan” - Nandanavanalanu (Beauty of Telugu/nature), “Dari” - Dharinchina Dharani (Mother earth – having beauty of Telugu), has been created by us.

     Despite ha…

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Instructions to senders

March 21, 2015

Terms & Conditions for content senders:

  1. The content, which you send us, must be your own and not be translated or imitated.
  2. It mustn’t be published anywhere which the content you send us.
  3. The content which you send us, it must not be published on any media, printed or online magazines, weeklies, monthlies, newspapers, et cetera.
  4. The content which you send us mustn’t be published or posted even on any of your own blog, website or any webpage, et cetera.
  5. The content which you…

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About us

August 31, 2014, the website of literature, arts and other talents, having the intention of to give the chance to every talented person and been created by us, welcomes everyone’s talent to exhibit.

According to us, despite being many printed and online magazines and sites, they are not fully accepting each person’s talent for publishing. And some other online sites ask money to publish one’s writing. These two reasons made us think and create website and we have decided to give…

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'Manandhari' Patrikalo Prachurinchabadina Rachanalaku Water Mark Enduku Vestaru ?

August 3, 2013

Manandhari Patrikalo Prachurinchabadina Rachanalaku Water Mark Enduku Vestaaru ?

Manandhari Perulo Daagi Unna Artham Emiti ?

July 16, 2013

Manandhari Perulo Daagi Unna Artham Emiti ? | #Content loding please wait.....

About Telugu Webzine

July 5, 2013

About | #Content loading please wait.....

Rachayitalaku Suchanalu

April 4, 2013

Rachayitalaku Suchanalu | #Content Loading Please wait.....



April 4, 2013
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Do the films affect youth and everyone?

June 13, 2017

Do the Films affect the Youth and People?

Entertainment plays main role in people lives since our ancestors. It was in different types in various generations. For examples if we see in reign of the kings, people of the kingdom would have to depend upon street dramas, dance shows etc. In the royal court, traditional dance, literature pro…

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Can’t we do anything to Reduce the Global Warming?

November 3, 2016

One of the ways to reduce global warming

Global warming: What is the global warming?

I make you understand about the global warming with a simple example. For human being, average temperature is 98.8oF. If it increases, it is called fever. Like this surface of the earth also has average temperature. But, due to greenhouse gases, its…

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Participating in only Swachh Bharat is NOT enough

October 27, 2016

Participating in only Swachh Bharat is NOT enough

Participating in only Swachh Bharat is not enough, first keep cleaning Your Home and its surrounding places.

In India, on the name of 'Swachh Bharat' Government and people are cleaning the streets etc places. By doing it, you may feel that you have done something for your country. Doing for c…

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Usage of plastic and its harmful effects

October 19, 2016

I think there is no body without using the plastic.One of the reasons of using the plastic is it (polythene covers and plastic things which are used in daily life) has low wait and very cheap. Yes, this is one of the most and very important reason and makes people use the plastic. This plastic i…

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