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How to Get Sleep? Here's A Way to Get Sleep

June 5, 2016

How to get sleep

Many people don’t get sleep at nighttimes. For not getting sleep each person has each reason. Some persons don’t get sleep due to stress, tensions, problems et cetera. If we tell each reason, it may become large list. Those reasons may make them not to get sleep at nighttimes.

You can know by this article how I try to get sleep when I don’t get sleep at all nighttimes. (This is my experience only).

I often don’t get sleep at nighttimes. I don’t know what the reason is. Long ago when I didn’t get sleep, I got a thought. I implemented it. Surprisingly I slept. I didn’t wake up till the morning.

Since that day onwards, I started implementing it when I don’t get sleep at nighttimes.

I thought that there would be people who didn’t get sleep at all like me. So I decided to tell them (you) by writing what my thought is to get sleep and how I implemented it.

A thought can change anything

“Why am I not getting sleep? Oh! This may be the reason to take sleeping tablet to get sleep. That’s why some people often use sleeping tablets”. After many times thinking like this, I thought, “How to overcome not getting sleep?” If this kind of question raises within us, the solution will automatically come.

Before telling it, I would like to tell about our thoughts when we don’t get sleep at nighttimes.

It was the night, at about 1 am, but you still didn’t get sleep yet. What would you do if you didn’t get sleep? Generally, when we don’t get sleep, we start thinking about us, problems, family, friends, job, relatives et cetera. If you think about those, you might not get sleep, because your brain is filling with your thoughts.

When I don’t get sleep at nighttimes, I also think like this. Due to thinking continuously, I didn't get sleep for hours. I tried to search the solution for it. Finally, I got it.

What is the solution to overcome not getting the sleep at nighttimes?

This solution is very simple if you try hard.

I just stopped thinking about anything. Just I slept on bed and waited to get sleep. I didn’t know how many minutes I waited. But I got sleep. When I woke up morning, I was surprised, because my trick worked.

So this is my experience and now also when I don’t get sleep, I implement this trick to get it.

If you are suffering with not getting sleep, try it once, because it might work to you also.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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Nice article. useful for many. nice drawing. keep it up akhil garu


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