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Meticulous Working Style Decreases Work Stress

September 18, 2016

Meticulous Working Style Decreases Work Stress

In this modern world, the human beings’ lifestyle is adapting from time to time. Along with it responsibilities and wants on our shoulders are also picking up. To overcome wants, people have to work more. When we work more, we also get stress more. Today on this article I’m going to write about “STRESS”.

This stress exists not only in working people, but in other people also. For example: computer operators (working people), students (other people) et cetera. This stress may affect them in various types. Each person’s stress may be different than others.

We need not talk how the stress levels will be when we work.

So I focused on only how to overcome stress.

I have written in starting each person stress will be different than others because every person work is not same. We will get stress according to our work affect.

Instead of talking about everyone’s stress, better to talk about few groups of people. Example: Students, Computer operators et cetera (To make you out easily, I chose these two groups of people).


Stress levels may be higher in students. They may also not note that they are effecting with stress.

How will students get stress actually?

For example if we take 1st class to 10th class students, methodology of their study is entirely tough in some private schools, institutes. It is said that in some schools, teachers teach students to get more marks only not to improve their knowledge. When students study for the sake of marks only, they have to study all subjects very hard. When they think about marks, pressure levels picks up inside of them. If they are in pressure, they will get stress. Ok, keep it aside, let’s move to know about reading meticulously for not getting stress.

To Overcome Study Stress:

Generally, students study subject books what they like. When they read like that, systematic reading will defect. If you read one book, after that immediately you read another book, your brain will get stress. Brain plays main role whatever we do. It should not get stress. So reading meticulously is better. Read first one book, after completion of that book read another book.

When you read your subject books meticulously, your brain will not get stress.

Computer Operators:

I have written about all, who use computer or laptop, under the ‘computer operators’. You may say why we get stress if we use it, because we can do every work on computer so easily. Of course doing works on computer is EASY. But it is VERY EASY for who do work meticulously on computer.

How will we get Stress by using Computer?

Generally, computer operators, who do work using computer, prefer to do multitasking. Multitasking is not good for brain. For an example: We work on one window, due to any reason, quickly we open another window. If we are on one window, our brain immerses in it. But, when you shift from one window to another window, brain will be disturbed. So stress level on brain increases. Doing many works by shifting windows meaning is increasing pressure on your brain. It’s not good to you and your brain.

To Overcoming Stress:

Give up multitasking. Do work orderly. Which work you feel important do it first completely, after completion of that work, go to other work. This procedure gives you a satisfaction that you have completed a work. When you feel satisfied, you can do remaining work with more pleasure. By working meticulously on computer you will be not only unstressed, but also satisfied.

What will actually occur if we do work randomly?

How much our brain may be fast, but it is also after all one of the part of our body. How every part of our body will get pain et cetera, our brain also gets stress et cetera. Generally, when we do one work, our mind will entirely immerse in it. Suddenly, if we stop it which we are doing and start another work, our brain can’t quickly immerse into new work. Then, our brain will get pressure. If it gets stress, we feel unstable and can’t do any work properly, moreover, work becomes pending. These all happen due to not doing the works in orderly.


Do your work systematically. Meticulous work gives satisfaction. If you do your work meticulously, you can do more work with more pleasure. There is a misunderstanding that we can do works quickly when we do multitasking. It is wrong. By doing multitasking, sometimes work might complete quickly, but your mind gets stress. My suggestion to everyone is do everything systematically. I’m sure that you will definitely satisfy in your work if you do your work meticulously.

Written by Padmasri

Read more writings of this author: Padmasri

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