How to remember New English Words?

Every English learner is facing vocabulary problem in these days. We know it very well. Having known how to speak in English, due to not having sufficient vocabulary, they could not speak English fluently and could be afraid to speak. So if you are looking how to over come this problem, continue reading this article. I have written a way to remember new words on this article.

To remember new words, you might have tried many tips and ways. But still if you are looking for tricks to remember new words, try and run after what is given below.

A way:

Visual Remembering:

This is the best way. And most of people use it. Visual remembering way may make you remember new words very easily. Let’s go to know how to do it.

Take a look these two words: 1. Pluck, 2. Wrestle

Let’s see the tip how to remember them.

1. ‘Pluck’: This word is used for remove or take something from its place. This is the meaning. We can understand this easily by seeing the action or its picture. To store this or any word permanently in your mind, you have two ways to follow. i). Remembering by picture, ii). Remembering by imagination.

i). Remembering by picture:

Above picture helps you to remember pluck word by seeing it. You may question that by seeing the picture how we can remember new words. Whenever we remember new words with the picture, that picture will store permanently in our mind along with that word. Because, whenever we see something, it will automatically fix in our mind. So remembering  new words by seeing their action pictures is easy.

We can’t search the exactly describing  picture for every word, even on internet (Everything is almost available on web. But it’s hard to find what we are looking for, because it takes time.). That’s why remembering words may be more easy if you remember by imagining  suitable action for the word.

ii). Remembering by imagination:

Another easy way of remembering new words is we have to imagine the action how it will be done.


Wrestle: If we have to remember the word wrestling, we should imagine two wrestlers are fighting.

I hope you will follow this tip to learn new words. You might have already tried many tips, once try this tip also. You may succeed in remembering new English words.

Learning new words is not a big deal. Anybody can learn new words easily if they have confidence that they can learn. When you remember new words with perseverance, you will shortly have large number of vocabulary. So try with perseverance to gain huge vocabulary power.