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Adhi Amaina bayya,prema thiyyaga lekapothe kuda badha ga vuntundi,enko visayam Antante godavalu vidipoyena chala narakanga vuntundi,prema Anytime touch lo vundatame......prema gurichi amayelatho matladalante bayyam bayye......but love is great bayye

munna garu.. kavitha chaala bavundhi..kaani chadhivithae manasu kanniru karusthondhi e kshanam..!

Munna....... neeku neeve chaati.... grate .....

mamooo superb assalu emi cheppavu mama nijam ga alage untamu mananu
admin garu aa nikki garu cheppindi kuda post cheyandi keka ga chepparu hehee

mana sontam ankune bommani saitam manam vidavalem....manam penchukunna puppy ni saitam maruvalem....alantidi meelo sagam ankunna me priyurali gurinchi asha tho eduruchudatam.....melo ragulutunna teerani avedanani teluputundi me kavitha....

Virahamannadi leekapothey valapu keedi vechadanam . Eduru choopulaa baadhalonee untundileee thiyyaa danam . Nee preema lo nijaayitheeni thelusu one vasthundilee munna crues.

ammaye kadu abbayi duramaina alage untundi. "maguva lo premosthe..manugade oo andam.." ani vinna. aa prema duramainthe inthakante bhayamkaram..:)

oka ammayi duram avthe abbayilu intha badha padatharani naku intha varaku teliyadu munna ipude artham ayindi

andani draksha pallu pullana ani anukuni urukovali boss

meeru aa ammayini enta miss avutunnaro... mee kavitha chaduvutunte ardamavtondi munna


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