Values – Article

In today’s world we see a lot of pampering of children which is making them go far away from many valuable aspects which the earlier generations have been taught by their elders. Because of joint families in the earlier days, people use to have adjustment, sociability, respect for elders and many more positive characteristics that can be put under an umbrella called – values. But current generation of kids are void of these aspects.

How high salary one may be earning, how better one may be living with luxuries, how posh the house and other comforts may be, but to be a good human being, one should have basic values, which makes a person socially acceptable. Every person has a responsibility towards family, society, peers etc. So, one should understand what is needed as an individual and what is expected from an individual by the society. When one develops himself and contributes to the family and society to his best, he is considered to be a noble person.


A small boy one day walking in a park was surprised to see a Tree with a slogan on it which said, “Say the Magic words…and see the Magic”.

The boy tried to guess the magic words. He uttered “abrakadabra…”, “tan-ta-ra…Pampara…” and many more. But he disappointed as none of them worked out.

Exhausted, he sat on his knees and said “Please, dear tree…!”. Before he said anything, to his surprise, a big door opened in its trunk. Everything is dark inside, except for a glowing sign “Go ahead with your magic words”. Then the boy said, “Thank you, dear tree for..”, before he said some more words, everything inside became bright with all lights on and showing a way to a big pile of toys and chocolates for him.

The boy was amazed and ran towards it to have them. The boy later narrated his story to his friends and said that “Please and thank you” were the magic words which gave him all those toys and chocolates.

That’s why it is always said that “Please” and “Thank You” are the magic words.

Explanation: As an individual one should be pleasing, polite, with respect for elders etc. Look what one can do best as an individual.Seek truth and knowledge.


Once there was a rich and clever boy, with everything a boy could ever want. One day he liked a mirror which was with an old man and asked his parents to buy it. When the mirror arrived at home, he looked into it excitingly to see his reflection. But to his surprise, his face looked so sad in the mirror. He tried to put many funny faces and tried smiling a lot, but the face still continued to be so sad. He bought many sweets and toys, but no change in the sad expression. The boy tired and left the mirror in a corner thinking that the mirror is not working properly.

The boy then went into the street to play. There he saw a little boy crying terribly. He asked him for the reason. That boy said he missed his parents somewhere.Both started searching. On the way the rich boy spent his money to buy sweets and biscuits for the little boy to cheer him up. Finally, after searching for some time, they found the parents of the little boy, who were also searching for the little boy.

The rich boy said goodbye and turned back home. He went into his room, but suddenly he saw a bright light in the corner, where he left his mirror. To know what it was, he went close to the mirror and saw himself in it. Then he realised that the light coming from his own body, the radiance as a result of happinessfrom within him that came by helping the little boy.

Explanation: Then he understood about the magic mirror, that made him realise the real happiness in helping others. Each morning he looked into the mirror and failed to see the special shine.As he already knew what he had to do to bring the shine back, he used to go to accomplish that task.

Children of today’s world are void of all these values.Ten-percent of interest they put on TV, gadgets, chocolates, junk food etc., if shifted onto imbibing some values, we can enlighten their minds with the significance of these values. As both the parents are working now-a-days, there is a little time for them to spend with their children. Gone are those days where grandparents used to depict some moral stories with values to their grandchildren. Hence, there is a very little scope for the children to realise the importance of being a human being with noble character.

It is time for parents to become a model for the children with their noble character, thoughts and actions.They must inculcate certain values like kind, love, honesty, respect, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity etc. with different kinds of stories like the above ones, to give an opportunity to the children to stand different from others. If children can convert these values into their habits, their character will become a supreme one, which is the need of the hour.

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