My Feelings – English Article

Don’t laugh so loud; u will attack bad luck”,

Didn’t I tell u whenever you laugh out loud, you will certainly be cryin
soon enough. If life were as innocent as that! Laughter so easily aroused
and tears easily wiped out!!!

That might sound a bit dramatic, but most of us known that life does go through phases of good and bad, and then good again. It’s a series of ups and downs that does not allow us to get too comfortable in the space we occupy. In a graph life can at best be plotted as a zigzag or wave pattern, never as a steady straight line…

Can u Imagine what life would be life it never changed?
How would u learn to appreciate laughter if there have been no tears?
How would you celebrate success if you haven’t faced failures?
How can you soak up the comfort of love when you have never felt the slab of indifference?

And more important, I just as the highs boost one’s confidence, the laws help keep people grounded.  An un-interrupted streak of success with no hurdles can very soon make a man arrogant, in his total security, and un-caring in his confidence. He starts  feeling like “GOD”, but a GOD who misuses his poer.

It may seem that some peoples luck nver change and they lead a life that is all good or all bad..However that cannot possibly be so..They all have their “GOOD,BETTER,BEST and
”BAD,WORSE,WORST situations: The only difference is that they know how best to ride the wave…
They do not let the better times to go their head nor do they allow the worse times to pull them down.

Is their life graph a straight line rather than a zigzag pattern?
The best situations cannot make them arrogant, not doe the worse turn them into depressed souls. For they know that one will inevitably follow the other. Surprisingly the steadiness comes not from inflexibility or an inyielding, non.resilient attitude, but form a willingness to mould yourself
according to the changing times… There is a time when u need to push ahead all gums firing and a time when u need to sit back and wait
A time to be bullish, and another to be bearish..There is also a time when u can do nothing but just go with the flow.

A person who is intelligent enough to recognise the response a situation demands, the fortitude to act accordingly an the forbearance to wait for the time to change tide is the one who is the winner.

Some people will catch the good time by the for lock and make the most of them using the time to their avantage.
while others may just cruise through them senselessly wasting good oppotunities. Similarly while some may go through bad times in deep depression, ruing their luck…other would wisely bide their time picking up precious time.
The point is that life more ahead inexorably, it is up to us to keep building on what it offers us at every stage…

Its not easy..Its comes out from a lot of suffering..

Expressions come out of that madness…But here it’s the survival of the fittest..
I want to love and reach out to as many ppl, coz. life is too short to live in the negative space..We realize that not reachin out makes u sick,and makes you lose interest in life..I Don’t want negativity in my system ………………………….

Written by: Chinni


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  1. Logged in after Long time to see this beautiful article :-),last paragraph once again remainds me to live the life to its extent.Good luck for your comming Days.

  2. chinni plz yaar , oka dictionary evavaaaa :p 😀 lol , (-_-) i think i should read it once again to understand :p……..(^_-) nice1 buddy

  3. hi chinni really its awesome..“A smile starts on the lips, A grin spreads to the eyes, A chuckle comes from the belly; But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, Overflows, and bubbles all around.”

  4. ababab chinni iraga kodithey pravs kooda kummesadu ga admin garu pravs dhi kooda publish cheyandi em pravs jee mamalni marchipoyara asalu full busy anukuntaa hmm enjoy 🙂

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