Multitasking – English Article

Hello friends,

I would like to tell which I have heard about a news recently. But before that you must question yourself that is “Am I doing multitasking?”.

For that question if your answer is “NO” there is no problem but if you know about problems of multitasking you may tell about the problems of multitasking to your family members, friends and other.

And for above question your answer is “YES”. It is very sad to hear. Because researchers have said “Multitasking is very dangerous to our brain” and it decreases our capacity.

What is the Multitasking:

Doing various works at a time is called “Multitasking”.

So friends if you are doing multitasking please stop it from now.

And one more is there to say you that is recently Stanford University has surveyed and said that who do various thoughts at a time they can not put the concentration on any work and they lose their memory power also and it decreases IQ also.

Written by Padmasri