How to Solve Anu Script Fonts Not Coming in Any Programs

How to Solve Anu Script Fonts Not Coming in Any Programs

Anu Script Manager is such software that using it, we can write in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada languages etcetera. It is very popular software. To use this software, we must need typing training. Because, typing of this software on keyboard is different from English typing. For it you might think whether you need a special keyboard. It is not necessary. You can type using your regular keyboard. But you just need to know how to type those languages using your keyboard. That’s it.

Installing this software in earlier versions of windows 7 is very easy. After installing and restarting the computer, this program starts working. But in windows 7and newly released windows OSs, it doesn’t happen. Even after installation completed, fonts of this software don’t come into any programs fonts’ lists. If fonts don’t come, how can we type in those languages? This is the problem occurring to many people who install it in windows 7 and windows 8, 10.

This problem might not solve automatically, but it may be solved manually. Let’s see how we can solve it manually.

First install Anu Script Manager, next open Windows Explorer.

Now open the disk folder where you installed this software. In my computer this software installed automatically in Local disc (c). If your software has also installed in local disc (c), open local disc (c). If installed in any other location, open it and follow below given steps.

Find AnuSM folder and open it. After opening, you see two folders being in it. In them open ttf folder. This is the folder where all fonts of Anu Script Manager are. Copy those all fonts by selecting all.

After copying fonts, go back to Local disc C. In that, see for Windows folder. And open. In Windows folder, search for Fonts folder and open.

After opening this folder, paste those all fonts which you have copied from ttf folder. After pasting, a small box appears on the screen saying ‘Fonts are installing’ or et cetera. After installing completed that box closes itself. Now this problem is solved. So, close Fonts folder.

Now all fonts come into all programs in Win 7, 8, 10. Just open the program what you want and start writing.

If you still didn’t understand after reading this article how to solve this problem manually? Don’t worry; I also made a video about it. Just click here and watch the video. I clearly described in it step by step in English and also in Telugu language.