How and Where can I Watch Movies in Low Quality on Online?

Watch Movies in Low Quality on Online:

Watch Movies in Low Quality on Online

Everyone likes to watch either movies or TV series without interruption. Even if an advertisement comes, we feel disturbed and can’t bear the waiting.

If it buffers, how can we bear while playing a movie? We can’t right?

What are the reasons for Video Buffering?

For video buffering, there are various reasons. But one of the most common main reason is the slow internet connection. Due to the slow broadband connection, lots of people have to be suffering from the buffering issue.

Then isn’t it possible watching videos continuously with low Net?

It doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It’s possible.

There are various ways to watch buffering-free movies online. Before I’m also one of you who searched for “How to watch movies in low quality or with slow internet connection? Etc” After so much research and visiting sites, I found a few websites, where I can watch movies, TV shows without interruption.

How they play videos uninterruptedly?

A doubt you might have got that “How can these sites play videos fast having a slow internet connection?”

The answer is… These sites, having the ability to change video quality options while watching, can play videos, movies, shows without buffering and interrupting.

These sites’ players, having 180p, 240p, 360p and higher video quality options to watch videos, are playing movies or videos for their users to watch conveniently according to the speed of their internet.

That’s why you can play videos having a slow internet connection on these sites.

Top 5 Websites to Watch Movies Online


The order of the list which I wrote below is not the rank of them, I just wrote them randomly.

  • It, consisting of not only Hollywood movies, but Bollywood, African et cetera movies also, provides you all movies from older to newer movies et cetera. Having many categories on this site, you can watch whatever you like on this site. According to the qualities of movies, you can change the quality of the movie from 240 kbps to more or less. 64kbps is also available on this site to watch movies but it doesn’t work properly according to my observation.
  • You can watch many movies from new to old it is either Hollywood movie or Bollywood movie. If you love Indian movies, you can find many Indian movies on this site because it consists of many Indian movies. You can change the movie or video quality from 158kbps to 1248kbps.
  • This is another website where you can watch movies of low quality. Along with Indian movies, it has Hollywood movies also. You can change movie quality on this site from 180p, 240, 360p, medium, very high and to HD (High definition quality). This site automatically sets the quality of the movie according to the speed of your internet. So you can watch movies on this site without any buffering interruption.
  • Crackle: I think it is Sony’s site. It has lots of movies and TV series et cetera. You need to register on this site to watch them. It has also video quality changer.

This is the short list of where you can watch movies in low quality on online FREE or paid having slow internet speed. Snagfilms and Crackles are providing to watch movies free of cost. Erosnow and Boxtv are also providing lots of movies for free.

I hope you have satisfied with this shortlist and surely I will update this post by adding more sites.