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Sneha Phalaalu - Telugu Kavitha

May 8, 2014
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Title : Sneha Phalaalu

Writer Name : Savitha

Category : Poetry


Sneha Phalalu - Telugu Kavitha | Telugu Poem | TeluguPoetry | | #Content loading please wait.....

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nice savita garu.

Poetry Bavundi. Marini sentences add chestee bavuntundhi

thankx..... raragpatel and jaya gaaru.

ok try chestaanu jaya gaaru.thankx..!!

kavita baagundi... nijamaina sneham undantara savitha garu???eppudu?

good poem savitha garu.. baga rasaru
Anil garu.. kavithalo savitha garu cheppinattuga nijamina snehaniki manam ichhe anuraagam apyayahale moolam.. swachammaina anuraaga apyayalatho abaddapu sneham vikasinchadane naa abhiprayam..

thanks anjali gaaru naa chinni kavitha nachhinandhuku.

anjali gaaru thappakunda nijamaina sneham vuntundi anjali gaaru kaani thakkuva mandilone adi still end of life vuntundemo kada . snehanni kaapadukovaali ani iddari friends manasulo vunte sure gaa nijamaina sneham still end of life vuntundi ane naa nammakam emantaaru meeru?

Mee nammakam nijame savitha garu.. tappakunda untundi nijamiana sneham.. chala mandi jeevitaalalo madyalo parichayamaian vyakthulu.. manatho ye bandhuwam leni vaallu.. chivari varaku toduga nilustuntaru.. mana jeevithalalone manam chustoo untam.. vallani manatho niluputundi aa snehabandhame kada.. meeru annattuga takkuvamandilone end of the life sneham untundi aa iddaru snehappanni nilupukunnapude.. deenine nenu marolaa cheppalanukuntunna.. " athi takkuvamandi thone".. manaki chala asaswatha snehalu undochhu kani pratyekamga nilupukune sneham andari jeevitalalo evaro okaritho unde untundani naa bhavana.. kaadantaara..?

mee bhavam gunde lothu lonchi vachindi manchi poet aaye aaskaram vundi meeku


Savitha garru chala bagundhi andi kavithna.......


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