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I.. Me.. Myself - English Article

     I hope, and wish  that the future brings me good health, peace of mind and great happiness..
     This is the time that I have to analyse myself. I want to tell myself that how privileged  I have been to have had the opportunity of spending time for me.
     What ever has been achieved has only been possible because of the amazing spirit, the dedication and the enormours self motivation and faith reposed in me for which I am deeply greatful and appreciative. I feel immensly proud of the manner in how I jump on hurdles in my memorable journey time to time. These have included adverse surprises, cyclones and natural calamities like earth quakes and tsunamis in my little journey.
     The memories of personal sacrifices, loyalty and individual acts of heroinsim will always remain in my memory to reinforce the great sense of pride I have in having been myself. I am today 20+ years age and I have travelled around the world until now and have every reason to feel proud and feel confidnet in facing the challenges ahead.
     I will probably see continued constraints to feel myself comfortable. It is a great pressure on me to reinvent strategies to diverty my mind from distractions. I will also need to contain my timings and work hard to maintain this self analysis. This environment would once again call on myself for support, commitment , dedication to achieve in these some what difficult times. This seemingly gloomy pricture however will be a passing phase.
     I feel confident that the robust improvement that I shown over the years will be established and my strong mind setup will result in taking its place as a success in my journey.
     I am sure that I will analyse myself in this way with this same commitment. This will feel proud to have self motivated and proud to have been dedicated.
     I wish my self a great success in the future. I hope I  analyse myself like this in the coming years too..

Written by Sahiti

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well said sahithi

YOu.. Your... Yourself :) its very nice sahi, baboi ayina entidi okkokkaru english ni danchestunaru baboi article lo Past... Present... Furture... anni cover chesi baga rasav keep going..

its a good article sahiti . i like the way you narrated starting from analyzing yourself and ending with a hope to continue analyzing yourself in the future too . Though its your personal experience it has a great message to one who is facing hurdles and need a support to overcome them and clearly it says that self motivation and self confidence are the best supports than all other .

thankyou lokanadharao, akhil, and venkatesh ...
i think there is no particular formula for success.bcoz situations are countless and boundless.and fluctuate too. so it depends. and it changes from person to person, time to time. but i believe some measurements are there to follow, can lead us to sucess.
and i will try to speak abt my experiences when ever i have got the opportunity.

No doubt it is highly appreciable thing of your self confidence in achieving all the goals which are aimed at you so far.But it is better to express the way and things in which you have succeeded and measures adopted so as to learn from u.

నమ్మకం, స్తిరత్వం ఉంటే దేన్నయిన సులభంగా సాదించగలం మరియూ ఏదైన చేయగలం. యూ ఆర్ రైట్ సాహితి. ఎప్పుడూ కూడా ఎవరూ నమ్మకాన్ని పోగొట్టుకోకూడదు. ఎవరి పై వారికి నమ్మకం ఉంటేనే ముందుకు సాగగలం అనే స్పూర్తిని ఇచ్చే విధంగా మీ గురించి తెలుపుతూ రాసిన మీ ఆర్టికల్ బాగుంది సాహితి.

I wish you mydear SAHITHI , succeed to realize you and your self and give the lesson to all to find the universal answer to to succeed every one.


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