Our Generation – Poetry

Our generation is the lucky lot,
We are the children and youngsters
Of one century and matured,
Wise persons of the new one.

We know the joy of hearing the radio,
And also tape recorders, CD players,
Walkmans, iPods and mp3s.

We enjoyed the Doordarshan,
Watched movies on VCRs and also on cable television. And now subscribe to Netflix.

We came to know the pleasure of reading in the libraries. It also enhanced our knowledge. Now we read from Kindle anywhere, anything!

We watched the black and white movies in wonder and also the coloured version and now the advanced, digitally made movies!

We took pride in owning a landline phone and waited for trunk calls to come through. Now we sport the latest version of smartphones.

We looked in awe at calculators, later used desktop computers and now laptops and tablets with effortless ease.

Really our generation is the Lucky lot, we have been on both sides of the century. And witnessed so much.