Mother – A Wonderful Creation – English Poem

I wonder how she can shower infinite love and affection on her family members

I wonder how she manages to take multiple roles as needed by her loved ones

I wonder how she ignores her needs; but cares for even the untold needs of her relations

I wonder why her quest for doing more and more for her family never ends

I wonder how she can be so selfless among the people that never care for others

I wonder how her love & affection is never lost from her memory and her ageing never factors

I continue to wonder if I continue to list the greatness of “Mothers”

Let us realize “Mother’s” determination for family’s welfare and respect her efforts

Let us care to take care of her who

“Dares to take a rebirth to give us a birth”


“Strives to keep us happy with real warmth”

A “Big Thanks” to all “Mothers” for being “Mothers”

Let us thank the Creator for his wonderful creation “A Mother”

I am sure he will definitely be proud of his own achievement as a “Creator”