Mirror – English Article

Hi friends, I would like to share my feeling about our nature. I’m not saying about our innerside nature, I’m saying about the nature which is around us.


Look at that word, it has only six letters, but when we look at the nature how much beauty, sadness, happy and etc it has. It has so many things. It effects on our mind. It means when we will be without thoughts are any things in our mind we can feel and see everything of nature what it has. This is one type of view in seeing the nature. There is another type of view in seeing the nature. That is when we are happy “NATURE” will appear as very happy and beautiful we feel that is nature is also enjoying our happyness like this when we are sad the nature also will be sad and it appears as very dull. We cannot stay there seeing the nature. It will be terrible. It means nature is a mirror if we are happy it will be happy if we are sad it will be sad and terrible.

Written by Padmasri