Ignorance is the Mother of all Evils

Ignorance is the Mother of All Evils:

Ignorance is the Mother of all Evils

Ignorance is one of the bad evils. In our world, many mistakes have been occurring due to ignorance. Unless ignorance is totally ruined, our world will not change.

What is ignorance?

The meaning of ignorance is “Lack of knowledge or information”. Suppose one person doesn’t have any knowledge about something, he doesn’t know about it due to lack of knowledge.

A person is ignorant who foolishly proceeds to do something without knowing its bad consequence. And people, who think they are only correct except them rest are wrong, are also ignorant. A person who thinks for his selfish is also called an ignorant person. Ignorance, consisting of many reasons, is called one of the bad evils and mother of all evils.

To make you understand better, I would like to explain “IGNORANCE” in two simplest examples in a nutshell.

Illustration 1: Way of thinking

Daily we see and read various kinds of news coming on television and newspapers. Recently I have read news on newspaper that students were doing chain snatching et cetera offences for the sake of their enjoyment. They are thinking that life meaning is enjoyment only, for it they do anything. By thinking like this, they are doing mistakes. But it is the major mistake of them. This way of thinking is called “IGNORANCE”. Ignorance makes people weaker. I don’t think people are such weaker that everything makes them weak in all.

Being ignorant, most of the people are doing those wrong deeds which are shouldn’t be done actually.

Illustration 2: The Best Example

To explain simply about ignorance, “childhood marriages” is the best example in my point of view. 

Doing childhood marriages to the younger age children is the biggest mistake of parents. If the parents are not ignorant persons, they will think about their children’s future. And also they think about if they do marriages to their younger children, how they can stand economically to survive.

But here people are not thinking like that. They, being selfish and having personal issues, are just doing marriages to their children. This all is occurring because of ignorance. Due to ignorance, children’s parents have been doing these. Whenever children’s parents’ way of thinking is changed, these childhood marriages automatically will stop. Unless they change, these all will not stop.

I hope you have understood what ignorance is and how will be the consequences if a person thinks and do something with ignorance.