What Can I Personally Do About Global Warming?

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How can we stop Global Warming? It’s the question Eco-friendly persons often think. So let’s think practically to stop Global Warming.

Global Warming is increasing day-by-day highly. If it continues, anything can happen in future which we may not imagine even in a dream. Scientists regularly warn governments to take actions to reduce global warming.

So apart from the governments and industries act to reduce global warming, what can I personally do about Global Warming? – If this is your thought here are a few things that actually you can do personally.

In short, let us know about

What is global warming?

I make you understand about global warming with a simple example. For the human being, the average temperature is 98.8oF. If it increases, it is called fever. Like this surface of the earth also has an average temperature. But, due to greenhouse gases, its surface temperature has been increasing. It is called global warming. Greenhouse gases are Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Fluorinated gases. We can stop the increase in one of the Fluorinated gases. That is HFC. You may think about how we can stop. If you try, you can.

What Can I Personally Do About Global Warming?

You can do it by reducing the increasing of HFC. But how you can reduce? Thinking reducing HFC is an out of question? No, it’s not. Let’s see how you can do it.

How to reduce the increasing of HFC:

Commonly, you use refrigerators, air conditioners and hair sprays. But, in these products, hydrofluorocarbons are used. In air conditioners and refrigerators HFCs are used to cool the air. This HFCs release until those products are switched on. If you did not use them, you would be who did well for the earth’s atmosphere. You may think without using them how to be. There are many products and traditional methods. Use them. Use the products which do not harm to environment instead of air conditioners, refrigerators and hair sprays.

Like doing such things mentioned above you can reduce increasing of HFC. If you reduce HFC, you will be one of them who are preventing Global Warming.