Chrome Material in Cycles Blender 2.8

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I’m going to show how to create Chrome Material in Cycles render in Latest Blender 2.8.

To understand best, watch above video tutorial.

Select the object and go to the Textures tab, add new material.

Choose glossy material.

Go to Node editor, in blender 2.8 it is under “Shading” tab. Click on “Shading”.

Shift+A => Search ColorRamp node and add it. Connect it’s Color to glossy material’s colour. Flip the ramp colours. Now add another node “Layer weight” to control ColorRamp’s “Fac”.

Connect Layer Weight node’s ‘Facing’ to Color Ramp node’s ‘Fac’. Give 0.5 or more value in Layer Weight.

In the Glossy node, decrease Roughness to zero.

That’s it. Chrome material creation setup is created. Press F12 button to open and render the current scene, and see the magic. Your object will be rendered in Chrome material. This is one of the processes to create chrome material.