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Instructions to senders

March 21, 2015

Terms & Conditions for content senders:

  1. The content, which you send us, must be your own and not be translated or imitated.
  2. It mustn’t be published anywhere which the content you send us.
  3. The content which you send us, it must not be published on any media, printed or online magazines, weeklies, monthlies, newspapers, et cetera.
  4. The content which you send us mustn’t be published or posted even on any of your own blog, website or any webpage, et cetera.
  5. The content which you send us must not be posted or published on any social networking sites, blogs, websites et cetera.
  6. The content which you send us must not be under consideration for publishing on any media, printed or online magazines, weeklies, monthlies, newspapers, websites, blogs et cetera.

What type of content is not allowed for publishing on Manandari?

  1. The content, which is instigated or satire of region, religion, cast, politics, politicians et cetera, is not allowed for publishing on and will be rejected.
  2. The content, which is not subjected to our terms & conditions, will be rejected.

Instructions for submission:

You must send your content by email.

  • Your name
  • Pen Name (If you have)
  • Title of the your content
  • Declaration statement of your content (Security bond: Haami Patramu)
  • You can send your content as text or in any formats which are able to open on any computer. Example: MS, PDF, JPG, text file, et cetera. If your content is Telugu content and you are unable to write in Telugu script, you can write it by using English letters and send us.

This all should be mentioned on email when you send us.

COPYRIGHT: The content, which is published on this site, must not be published or reproduced in full or in part anywhere without the permission of the content author/authoress or this site.

Republishing information to Authors/Authoresses:

After 30 days from publishing date of your content on, you can republish your content. Before 30 days from publishing date of your content on, you are not allowed to republish. So you must wait till 30 days for republishing. 


Which works are on our site they all and views expressed are the sole responsibility of the authors, and the or management of this will not be held responsible for the same.

NOTE: We have the right to change or modify what we have posted here at anytime

Shortly this all info will be available in Telugu.

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