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My Lovable - English Poetry

March 31, 2014

I saw my face in mirror, its says it’s not you?????

I said something, they told its not your words????

My dreams told me, we are not your dreams??????

When I am walking, my shadow is not with me??

I didn’t understood anything, then my heart says

On mirror your body is only half, your dreams missed you,

your words uncompleted.

Then I understood My body, soul and heart is with my lovable husband anil…

And i am in love……………….

My name now feels complete

with an "L" in the last and becomes PavAnil.

Written by : Pavani Vattikuti

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PavAnil gaaru chala chakkaga mee life partener gurinchi chepparandi. chala bagundi. wife and husband ante sariralu veraina manasulu yeppudu kalisipoyi untayani mee kavitalo baga chepparu.

pavanil,nice one.

very nice.............................

Chala bagundhi...

Thanks to all

:) really good. we can see ur heart full of "L" with your last letter "L"

Chala bagundhi


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