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My Dear - English Poetry

November 3, 2013

Oho my dear

Don't forget me ever

Understand me better

Please come to me near

And take my rose flower

If you don't take my flower

My eyes will get tear

I am waiting for you since a year

If you accept me as your lover

Then every year becomes new year

And i am the lucky person in the universe

You are a my favourate lover for ever and ever.....

Written by : Savitha

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bagundandi mee english poem. very nice.

hhahaha prathee lover ilaane feel avuthadu kadaaaaaa bagundi :P

thankx paragpatel gaaru and anjali gaaru.

savitha garu nenu anjali kaadandiiiiiiii im maniiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

your my dear poem is super..prasa kosam kadandi.. nijamgane super.. :)

బాగుందండీ సవిత గారు మీ ఆంగ్ల పోయెట్రీ.... ప్రతీ అబ్బాయి ప్రేమలో పడే ముందు వారి భావాలు ఇలాగే ఉంటాయేమొ అనేవిదంగ చక్కగా క్యాచ్ చేసి రాశారు. గుడ్.

thankx anjali and mani gaaru and akhil gaaru. very simple poetry only naadi.

Very super savitha garu meeru chala superga vrasaru thanks


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