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Forever - English Poetry

September 30, 2013

You are my lover

Because you are my figure


I love your hair

Because its your hair


I love your smily

Because you are looking lovly


I can't stay without you dear

Will you stay with me forever !

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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ilove ur hair because it is ur hair otherwise????hahaha

:) bagundi akhil garu.. last two lines chala baga present chesaru .

hahaha mani gaaru. nice akhil last 2 lines naku chala baaga nachayi. keep it up.

Akhiljee, ila raste evaru padaru sir,ippudu navvulu, hair antha artificial, inka konchem penchandi.haha.

nice akhil gaaru. awesome.

Thank you mani, anjali, paraag patel and savitha. నిజానికి ఇది నా మొదటి కవిత ఆంగ్లములో రాయడం. యే అంశం మీద రాయలో తోచలేదు సరదాగ అలా రాశాను మొదటి ఇంగ్లీష్ కవిత కద..!

lol. its funny akhil. i love ur hair. becoz its ur hair......
ohhh really cant stop laughing

i luv ur hair. becoz we r pair :p

baga rasav akhil naku "i love ur hair coz its ur hair" ane line baga nachindi bagundi akhil


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