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Brief Information of Bacteria

March 5, 2016

Bacteria - |

On earth, living beings are there because of the bacteria. If they had not been born on earth, all living creatures wouldn’t have been born. I have focused on bacteria to write an article, so that I can tell brief information which is useful to everyone.

Mainly there are two types of bacteria. One type of bacteria gives good result and another type of bacteria gives bad consequence to us. I focused to tell about the bacteria which give bad consequences to our body.


People, after cleaning, washing and bathing, think there will not be bacteria and all will be clear and neat.

Before entering into the topic, I would like to tell about some TV ads.

We see the many ads coming on TV by showing bacteria removed and washed by using their product. They, before washing bowls or things by using their product, show that bowls or things or floor having many bacteria and show one or two bacteria still exist on things after washing them by using their product. Have you ever observed it?

When I was kid I could not understand why they were showing like that. After, I understood……

Everybody should Be Aware of Bacteria:

Bacteria, being present in water, soil and everywhere, aren’t cleaned or removed by anything. It means nothing can clean or remove the bacteria completely. And bacteria, being many types, are harmful and some bacteria help to living things.

Very well known fact is many diseases being spread extensively worldwide by bacteria. So we should be aware of bacteria and need to take cautions for not suffering from the diseases which come by bacteria. The notable point is the bacteria being everywhere. Then how to be away from bacteria and what to do? But we need not worry about which bacteria cooperate with us. We should be aware of bacteria which cause the diseases.

Improving the immune system:

Here we have to know one important thing is that human body’s immune system combats with harmful bacteria till end of the human life. When body’s immune system declines it triggers to diseases. So there are some solutions also to reduce the affection of bacteria. I am writing here about the solutions what I know; they are increasing the immune system of body and the vaccines, we should be aware of this, so that we will not be attacked by bacteria and diseases.

Why should immune system of body be increased?  

First thing, we have to improve immune system because bacteria will be more than all living things on the earth. And our body will have to face the bacteria. For it our immune system must be good because our immune system reduce the affect of bacteria on the body.

Why should vaccine be taken?

And we need to take the vaccines. Due to taking the vaccines, the bacteria can’t harm. The vaccines play vital role in this. An example for it is Tetanus. In Tetanus, the tetanus vaccine plays vital role to prevent the Tetanus.

Written by Padmasri


  • Everybody should be aware of Tetanus

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