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Participating in only Swachh Bharat is NOT enough

October 27, 2016

Participating in only Swachh Bharat is NOT enough

Participating in only Swachh Bharat is not enough, first keep cleaning Your Home and its surrounding places.

In India, on the name of 'Swachh Bharat' Government and people are cleaning the streets etc places. By doing it, you may feel that you have done something for your country. Doing for country is a great job. But, do you know? Cleaning your home neatly is also a great job.

If you want to serve to your country, you can do it by cleaning your home and its surrounding places also. In any matter, ‘The Change’ will start with one person. Like that neatness also will start from one place. So why shall we not start it from our home?

Ok, keep it aside; one of the reasons of getting diseases is defecting of cleanliness at your home and surrounding places. When places and things are unsanitary, various kinds of germs and bacteria, which may affect harm to your health, will be there and on the things.

Is your Kitchen maintained sanitary?

Because of unsanitary, most of people are suffering from diseases. To tell primarily, some people won't maintain neatness in kitchen. Kitchen must be neatly. Because whichever we eat, it will be prepared in kitchen only. Being unsanitary, germs and bacteria may come or enter into prepared food. If you eat that food you may have to suffer from any one of diseases.

Cleaning neatly Your home and its surrounding places:

Always people must clean home and surrounding places. The harmful bacteria and germs may be anywhere. If neatness defects at your home and its surroundings, you may have to suffer from minor to major diseases and also you may get skin et cetera infections. Everyone must be aware of everything. Especially on which are important.

You may keep neatly your home and kitchen only, but keeping neatly surrounding places also is very important. You may think that what is wrong if I neglect to keep cleaning surrounding places of my home. Lack of awareness, you may think like this. But if you know, you will never think like that. The best example for not cleaning surrounding places of your home is dengue fever coming.

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You will get not only viral fevers, but also many diseases if you don't keep cleanness your home and its surrounding places. If you want to be healthy, maintain cleanness and be happy.

Written by Padmasri

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