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How to Control Your Anger?

May 5, 2016

How to control your anger

Being human being, it is common to everyone getting angry. Why do people get angry actually? For this question nobody can give proper answer because anything can make people angry. You may ask me what its meaning is.

Meaning of anything can make people angry is when a person will unnecessarily be affected by others talks or any activity, at the time that person may get angry.

So today on this article, I’m going to tell my opinion on how to control your Anger!

I think there may not be anybody who hasn’t got angry yet, because angry is one of the natures of humans.

You see many kinds of people being around you. Some of them may get unnecessarily angry and some people may get angry easily. Like this there are many types of people you can find them around you if you observe them carefully.

Let’s go into the topic.

Controlling anger is not a big deal. It is so easy that you can control it.

Getting angry is very dangerous and sometimes it kills people who are weak within. And sometimes angry makes people weaker and impatient. So if you don’t want to be impatient and weaker, don’t get angry unnecessarily on silly things even in dreams.

How Do I control my Anger

How do I control my ANGER?

I already said controlling anger is not a big deal as you think. I would like to share my story how I controlled my anger and whether I succeeded in it or not.

Like everyone I would have also got angry on small things. One day as usual I have got angry but I didn’t express it. Instead of it I thought for a second and questioned myself why I am getting angry for the sake of small things. That’s it. This simple question and a moment made me realize the truth. After I questioned myself, I thought a lot about whether my anger was correct or wrong for small things. And I knew that my anger for that was not correct.

 And another day, someone made me angry for small thing. That time also I got angry but being angry, if I said anything wrongly to that person, what would happen later. Like this I estimated the situation and its consequences.

I, by explaining about two moments of me and my thoughts regarding them, would like to tell you that think once or twice when you get angry.

Whatever the situation is, just think once about it what will happen if you do something wrong in anger. Think about the consequences which are going to be happened.

If you think like this, you will definitely get control on your anger. This is I wanted to share with you and everyone. I hope it can help you for controlling your anger.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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