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How to control Jealousy? – Controlling Jealousy is not a big deal!

May 12, 2016

How to Control Jealousy

Recently I wrote “how to control your anger?” article by sharing my feelings on it. So today on this article I tell about “How to control your Jealousy on others?”

Jealousy, Anger, Goodness et cetera are the human natures. On this article I’m going to focus only on “when a person is jealous on a person, that time how that person will control his jealousy on him”

Being human beings, everybody has each special nature individually. According to their natures, they behave with others. Before knowing about controlling the jealousy on others, you should know about actually who will often be jealous of others. To explain it, I have taken two persons who are different from each other in nature.

Person I: This person is such a person that he never minds others improving in position, salary and in opportunities or in any way.

Person II: This person, who filled with full of jealousy and can’t see others becoming good, is second totally different person in nature.

First person thinks always positive, sees good in everything, works hard to achieve what he want and encourages who are intelligent than him. Who are like this person, they won’t be jealous of others. Why isn’t he jealous of others and what is the reason if his character is like that?

For the “Why…Why…Why…?” question, answer is wherever a person sees only positive how he can see negative. When a person is good within, almost he doesn’t try to find negative or bad in others.

There is nothing special to tell about the second person. He can’t bear others being good in everything. That’s why he or she is jealous of others. This second person does everything oppositely to the first person.

Now you have got an idea about who will actually be jealous of others. Let’s go into the topic.

How to control Your JEALOUSY on Others?

In fact, controlling jealousy on others is not a big deal as you think. As per my knowledge, handling the jealousy is very simple.

You may think how we can control it. There is a proverb – “where there is a will there is a way”. As same as it is, if you find a way for controlling your jealousy on others, you can find it easily.

How Do I Control Jealousy on Others?

There is no big procedure for controlling jealousy. It’s simple.

Many people are jealous of me but I never get jealous of others.

Since my childhood I faced many competitors in school, college and who are around me. But I didn’t care them; I was as same as I am. That’s why no one became equal to me. Do you know why? Because of concentrating on me, no one would have become equal to me. I do not waste my time by thinking about others. If I think, what will I get? Nothing! Except getting jealous of others, I get nothing if I think about them.

You just stop thinking about who you are jealous of.  And don’t care them; focus on your life and work. Just this is the solution for you for not being jealous of others. It’s so easy to control jealous, isn’t it?

We should not think about who are not worth thinking. (You get nothing by thinking about others except being jealous of them.) Thinking about you and your future is worth thinking. So think about you, become what you want instead being jealous of others.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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