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Controlling thoughts is not hard as you think!

June 30, 2016

How to Control thoughts..... Is it possible

How to Control thoughts? Is it possible?

Thoughts uninterruptedly emerge in our mind how the formations of human beings emerge on the earth. And also thoughts count is higher than human beings birth. Recently I have written an article on “How to Get Sleep at nighttimes”. After writing that article I was asked how to control thoughts when they occupy our mind.

To say frankly, if we try to do something, we can do it successfully. But, if you don’t try and you tell that you can’t do it, you cannot do it at all. According to it, if you think to get the control on thoughts, if you try for it, you can get the control on them easily.

You may face difficulty in getting the control on thoughts. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the control on them. There are some ways to get the control on them as well.

How to Control thoughts? (As per my experience):

Generally, when we are alone, thoughts gradually occupy us. For some time they might bombard us too. What will you do to control them if you are in that situation?

If I am in that situation, I will try to be free from annoying, bombard etc thoughts. It is possible to me because I have tried to control them many times. As a result, little bit I succeeded in it.  

Now, a question might raise within you how will it be possible to keep the thoughts under our control?

Some thoughts really annoy and bombard us! Owing to them, we will ail finally. To give up being ail from annoying and bombarding thoughts, we should find a way to control them instead of they control us, so that they don’t ail us.

I implemented just two simply steps for not being ailed from those thoughts. And these two steps are quite simple too if you want to implement them. Let’s know what they are and how to control the thoughts.

Two ways:

Step I: When You are Alone:

These thoughts occupy us when we are alone and feel alone. In this type of situations you have to take these actions. They are:

  1. Stay always with your family, friends etc. Speak and share your feelings etc with them.
  2. Be busy yourself. If you don’t have any work, create it and become busy, so that thoughts don’t reach you to disturb you.

Step II: Think about Happy Moments:

  1. You are alone and getting disturb due to annoying etc thoughts. What do you have to do at that time? If you try to stop thinking about them, they might not stop easily. But, if your wish is strong to give it up, start thinking about another which makes you happy. Automatically annoying and bombarding thoughts leave you. Because you keep them aside by thinking about another matter.
  2. You are sleeping at nighttime. But you are not getting sleep due to thoughts of tensions, problems, job, family etc. To get sleep, you have to give up thinking about them. To give up them, you have to find a solution. i). Implement 1st point of step II. ii) The second solution is: If I were trying to get sleep, I would sleep and close my eyes and see the blank for minutes until I get the sleep. This and above trick worked and helped me many times to give up thoughts and to get sleep at nighttimes.

This is my experience to control my thoughts. These tricks are working well to me. If you are also looking for the controlling your thoughts, try once how I did. You might also succeed and get control on thoughts.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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