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3 Ways for Doing Exercise by Not Going to Gym & Doing Yoga

September 23, 2016

3 Ways for Doing Exercise by Not Going to Gym & Doing Yoga

Long ago we would not hear such words "Do exercise", "Physical exercise is a must, do it". But, in these days we often hear people telling others to do exercise, because lifestyle has almost changed. Development of all fields is also one of the reasons for changing lifestyle of people.

In those days children would play outside at evening times after coming from school. Now, if see outside at evenings or weekends, we can't see children playing because they are immersing in their studies. They are not getting encouraged by parents also to go outside and play, because parents are giving the preference to their children’s education only. Due to this, children are not getting physical exercise. Lack of physical exercise, from youngsters to oldsters are suffering from diseases and not being strong.

I would like to tell about how you will get physical exercise without lifting heavy weights, doing Yoga et cetera.

1. Household chores:

We see women going to gym, morning walks et cetera due to being fat. But there is also another way to do exercise at your home. Women will get almost sufficient exercise daily if they do all household chores themselves. You will get lot of exercise by moving, carrying items, cleaning et cetera. When you do these, your body gets moves. By moves, your body gets good exercise.

2. Playing Sports:

Play sports, which give you physical exercise. Example: Tennis, badminton etc.

3. Swimming:

If you have already swimming habit, it will be good to you and your body. If not, make it as your hobby. Swimming gives you sufficient exercise.

Written by Padmasri

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